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Supernatural LIMS

A Last Icon Maker Standing competition for the hit TV show "Supernatural".

Supernatural: Last Icon Maker Standing
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Supernatural: LIMS
The word 'LIMS' stands for 'Last Icon Maker Standing', meaning that this is a challenge community to determine who will be the last icon maker after a series of challenges and voting sessions. Each week, there will be a challenge with an image featuring a character/setting from Supernatural, and that must be iconed. Eventually, there will be only one iconist left. This was inspired by ultimate_lims, which was inspired by somewhere else apparently. Anyone can participate in these challenges, no matter what skill you are at.
The Rules
1. First, you must go sign-up here. You can have until the voting for the first round goes up, to list yourself on the sign-up sheet. We need at least 30 members to begin our first round, so please do help spread the word/join yourself!
2. The specific rules will be posted with each challenge. Each icon has to follow the obvious standards: no more than 100x100 in size, and no more than 40 kbs. All entries must be posted as a reply to the challenge post (comments will be screened) and they cannot be from any previous batches. They must be NEW.
3. You must enter each challenge until you are voted out, or you will be automatically disqualified (unless you used a pass, read the following rule).
4. I understand that accidents do happen, and sudden things come up. Therefore, each person is automatically awarded one bye. For more information about byes, see this post.
5. It isn't death if you get disqualified, nor is it my fault. So if you do get disqualified, then just move on; and there's always next round.
If everything goes as planned, then this will be the timeline. Each deadline, you have until the hour the challenge says, which will be in Central time (GMT -5).

Thursday: Challenge goes up.
Monday: Deadline, voting goes up.
Thursday: Winners, new challenge.
Both first and second place will get a prize; however, we have yet to determine what that will be.
This is where all the affiliates will be listed. Please comment here if you would like to affiliate.

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