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Challenge 3 Voting

01. Anyone can vote. You do not have to be a member or participant of the community to, and it is greatly appreciated. (We will love you forever if you pimp this voting post to get more people to vote!)
02. We're going to be voting off only TWO icons this week. So, please only vote for the two you consider to be lesser quality. This does not mean a certain style you don't like, but the overall outcome of the icon and how it was made. You must give an explanation to why you voted a certain icon off. . . meaning constructive criticism, meaning no 'it's ugly' comments. Something more like 'the text doesn't match' or 'the texture takes away from the composition' are more appropriate comments.
03. When voting, you will also vote for your favourite icon. You can give the reason why it's your favorite, but you don't have to.
04. Please do not just do half of the voting, as any incomplete votes will not be tallied.
05. Each comment left here will automatically be screened, though the comments will be sent to the maker if they ask (the comments will ALWAYS remain anonymous).
06. Make sure your icons are not posted anywhere else before the voting is over--if we find out that it has been, then you WILL be disqualified.
07. The number of the icon is below the icon, not above.
08. marishna is disqualified for not submitting her entry.

Please use the following format when voting:

Lesser Quality Icons:
#31 - comments
#53 - comments

Favorite Icon:
#121 - comments are optional

1// 2// 3// 4//
5// 6// 7// 8//
9// 10// 11//
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