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round #2

Well, it's now the second round at spn_lims! Congratulations to those who are still in the competition, and thank you to those participated. :) There were some major issues with the last round, but hopefully everything will be clearer this time around. This round will be two weeks, to get back into schedule.

Those with permission to skip this challenge are: nightcomes


(click on the thumbnail to open fullsize image)


Submission Rules
1. The icon should fit LiveJournal standards. This means a maximum size of 100x100 pixels and 40KB.
2. Only participants who have already signed up here can participate. No more sign-ups will be counted.
3. Post your icon as a reply to this post, comments are screened. Do not post your icon anywhere else until the voting is over, failure to comly will result in disqualification.
4. Only use the picture provided.
5. No animation, please. Textures, brushes, gradients and text are allowed.
6. Enter one icon in the format provided below as a comment to this post.
7. Please do not use icons you may have already made using this image. Chances are, a new one will be better.
8. Turn in your entries by Sunday, March 26, Midnight GMT. If you don't, and haven't replied in the bye-post, then you'll be disqualified.
9. Please use this format when commenting with your icon:

All icons are due in by Sunday, March 26, Midnight GMT. If you cannot participate in this challenge due to whatever circumstances, then please let us know by commenting to the bye-post. All participants who fail to submit an icon by that time, without warning, will be disqualified. Thanks, and have fun!

Entries Submitted: 13/16
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