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challenge #1 / eliminations

Sorry about all the confusing during the voting, first I didn't screen the comments, then I posted my comment, and it wasn't screened. . . just, eh. And I don't know what was the problem with #7 and #15, because apparently they didn't show up for a few of you, it must have been their server. . . next round I'll upload them to my own or something.

So, the first challenge is finished. . . the second one will come up some time later today. Unfortunately we must say goodbye to the following 3 people for this round:

by made_by_lily with 14 votes.

by aracale with 7 votes.

by alleycatfish with 5 votes.

And now the favorites...

Participants choice:
by bessyboo with 4 votes.

Mod's choice:
by exsequar.

If your number is not listed, you didn't receive any votes.

Negative Votes:

1) -14
2) -3
4) -1
5) -5
9) -1
10) -2
11) -2
12) -1
13) -1
14) -1
20) -7

Positive Votes:
6) 2
8) 2
16) 1
21) 4

If you would like to see your vote comments, please leave a comment with your icon number and I will send them to you via screened comment. NOTE: You will only be able to read them through your e-mail notification - must have that feature enabled to see my screened response. All comments will remain anonymous.
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